Creating International Partnerships with USC

USC faculty and staff interested in pursuing new international partnerships may do so in accordance with the procedures below.

Consider the following parameters of the proposed collaboration with the foreign institution:

  • Research objectives and/or learning goals
  • Prior activities and history of collaboration with partner institution
  • Scope of work to be undertaken by both institutions for the proposed activities
  • Desired outcomes and potential impact

To pursue the international collaboration:

  • Seek approval from your department chair and dean of the school.
  • Following approval, draft a written agreement with the cooperation of your partner institution. Simple agreements can be drafted using the USC template or using a template provided by the partner institution.
  • The draft agreement must undergo review. Contact Kana Sugita ( and Maina Cioni ( in the USC Office of Global Initiatives to begin the review process.
  • Once the agreement has been approved and signed by both parties (including the dean of the academic unit), the Vice President for Global and Online Initiatives will provide the authorized University signature.