USC-sponsored Travel Health Insurance for Students

All students are required to hold USC-sponsored Travel Health Insurance while they travel abroad on University-related activities. This includes students who have a waiver on file with the Student Health office to waive the USC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

Once a student who has waived SHIP commits to a travel abroad program, they will be enrolled for the mandatory USC-Sponsored Travel Health Insurance. The rates of coverage vary depending on the length of the program. Students already enrolled in USC SHIP/Aetna who did not waive out with another private insurance provider will receive the Travel Health Insurance at no additional cost.

The insurance includes International SOS, which provides medical and travel security information and expertise before your trip and whilst abroad. International SOS also serves as the first point of contact in the event of an emergency. Visit the following page for more information on Emergency Support Services for Student Travel Abroad.

Student travelers are highly encouraged to receive a consultation from the Travel Clinic offered at the Engemann Student Health Center or Eric Cohen Student Health Center prior to departure. Please visit the clinics for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I waived out of the USC Student Health Insurance Plan because my insurance meets the requirements and my policy covers me abroad. Do I still need to enroll in the overseas travel health insurance plan?

A: Yes. The overseas travel health insurance policy is different from USC SHIP. All students are required to carry this coverage, and it cannot be waived.


Q: I am traveling before and/or after my official program dates. Can I use the overseas plan during my personal travel?

A: Students who are traveling on semester or year-long programs are given additional coverage starting 3 days before the program begins until 3 days after the official program end date. This is a total of 6 additional days of coverage. In the Student Travel Abroad portal, you will see a form titled “Trip Extension Request”. If you would like to extend your coverage, you may do so for up to 24 additional days (this can be before or after your program dates).

Students who are traveling on a short-term program (Maymester, Summer, and Faculty-led trips during the school year) are given additional coverage 1 day before and 1 day after their official program dates. If you are traveling beyond those dates and would like to extend your insurance coverage, please indicate this in the Trip Extension Request form.


Q: I am studying abroad in my home country. Do I still need the overseas insurance plan? 

A: The overseas plan does not cover students in their home country. If you are studying abroad in your home country, please notify your study abroad office so that you are not enrolled in the overseas plan.