International Independent Contractors

Strategic and Global Initiatives (SGI) is responsible for the review and approval of engagements of independent contractors who perform work outside of the United States, regardless of citizenship. 

Please note:

  • International independent contractor engagements are analyzed separately from the AB-5 review process for domestic independent contractors, and do not need to go through the Lincware System.
  • Independent contractor engagement approval by SGI is required for the supplier registration to be approved by Procurement.
  • SGI review can take up to 2-4 weeks depending on the country of the independent contractor.​​

Departments interested in engaging the services of an independent contractor performing work outside of the United States may initiate the review process by completing the Strategic and Global Initiatives: International Independent Contractor Review Form (online). Contact Kana Sugita ( and Maina Cioni ( with any questions. SGI will provide the department with the OGC-approved Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) at the conclusion of the review.

Review the International Independent Contractor Process Flow for a detailed overview of the process.