Study Abroad

Planning Travel Abroad for USC Students

USC tracks all student travel, except personal. Department designated Program Coordinators (faculty/staff) act as liaisons between programs and Strategic and Global Initiatives, the Office of Insurance, and Campus Support & Intervention. All travel, including student-initiated travel abroad, are required to have a Program Coordinator. The University depends on Program Coordinators for their department’s data collection and crisis response.

The information and instructions provided here are for Program Coordinators planning or facilitating international trips to do so in a well-informed and safe manner, and to facilitate providing the required notice to the University about their travel for emergency purposes.


All international study abroad, exchange, internship, and short-term programs abroad (i.e. semester/academic year/maymester/summer/spring break programs) at USC, whether for credit or not, must be approved prior to advertisement and/or program launch.

The Off-Campus Studies Panel (OSP), a subcommittee of the University Committee on Curriculum (OCOC), reviews all for-credit, off campus and international programs.


Step 1: Submit Roster (6 weeks in advance)

Step 2: Obtain Student Signatures (prior to departure)

Each coordinator must collect and document all of the signed forms listed below from all students participating in their program.

Step 3: Distribute Travel Insurance (prior to departure)

  • The Office of Insurance will contact the Program coordinator when the insurance packets are ready, at which point the department may:
    • Pick up packets for distribution; OR
    • Arrange an in-person orientation with an Office of Insurance representative to provide information, answer questions, and distribute the packets.
  • Please visit Study Abroad Travel Resources for information about insurance options.
  • Recommend that student travelers receive a consultation from the Travel Clinic offered at the Engemann Student Health Center or Eric Cohen Student Health Center. Please visit the clinics for additional information.

Step 4: Review Destination Restrictions Policy and Study Abroad Emergency Response Plan (prior to departure)

Review the university’s general guideline for emergency response:

In the event of an emergency abroad, the first point of contact is International SOS, USC’s contracted health and safety emergency service provider for programs abroad:

USC Member ID: 11BSGC000010
215-354-5000 | 215-942-8226

For questions about study abroad planning, roster data points or any concerns, please contact Rocio Jensen at

For questions about health insurance, please contact Valerie Hill at

For questions about contracts and agreements with institutions abroad, please contact Kana Sugita at